Angus Gift Barn

American Angus Exclusive Candle

Each Candle and Soap is hand poured and sourced from a local Texan

Bubbles & Roots Candle and Soap Co. made an Exclusive line for American Angus Association. 100% soy candle no dyes.

Scents Available 

Hint of Whiskey  - Cinnamon, Whiskey, Leather. 

Auction Day- Snickerdoodle, White oak, Vanilla, Lush Linen 

Bull PenVanilla, Sea Mineral, Oak Moss, Amber

Cowgirl Kisses - Lily, Sugar Pine, Patchouli 

Cowboy - Vanilla, Sea Mineral, Oak Moss, Amber & Leather

Large 12 ounce double wick candle. By curating a portion of our candles with double wicks, we are ensuring the quality of our product.

Welcome to the Angus Gift Barn by the Angus Auxiliary! We are constantly adding new items for your shopping pleasure! *********************************** Orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail. Orders will be shipped on Mondays & Wednesdays each week.

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