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Please provide us with the following information in the message section below, along with paying your Annual or Lifetime Membership from the product links at the top of the page, and we will complete your membership for the American Angus Auxiliary. 


Membership dues run from Oct. 1 - Sept. 30


Auxiliary Committees


Please note which committee(s) you are interested in:


1.  Audit

2. Awards 

3. Beef Education

4. Distinguished Women

5. Finance

6. Historian

7. Legislative & By-Laws

8. Liaison

9. Membership

10. Miss American Angus

11. Nominating

12. Program & Hospitality

13. Public Relations

14. Scholarship

15. Ways & Means


First and Last Name: ______________________


Farm Name : _____________________________________


Home Address: _____________________________________City: _______________


State: ________ Zip: __________


Home Phone: _____________  Cell Number:  _____________________  Fax:____________


Membership Type:  ___________________________________________


Date and Amount Paid: _________________________________________



Membership Options


… Annual Member - Dues: $20 (November 1, Annually)


… Lifetime Member - One-Time Fee: $100


… Donation



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